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3 reasons why Bolton Wanderers will stay up (maybe)

by ChrisJP on January 3, 2012

Let’s be honest. It’s going to take a minor miracle for Bolton Wanderers to avoid relegation this season. It’s rare enough a team can recover from being bottom at Christmas, never mind being bottom at new year.

Nevertheless, it is our duty as fans to support our club; get behind them; and hope that they can somehow turn it around.

As our latest podcast revealed, there are still plenty of straws to clutch at. Using the simplest of maths, it is possible that 34 points will be enough to survive. QPR have played over half of their games, and sit above the relegation zone on 17 points. Double it, and there’s a rough guestimate of what survival entails.

So. With that in mind, we are looking at a surprisingly low tally to stay in the league. The totals needed for survival over the last five seasons have been, working backwards:  40, 35, 35, 36, 38.

It’s depressing to think about it this way, but there is a good chance that three teams will out-do us in the sprint to the bottom. So let’s look at the top 3 candidates:

Blackburn: Well, on the plus side we’ve beaten them at their ground, and they failed to build on their surprise Old Trafford win by capitulating at home to Stoke. The club’s fans are angry, the owners clueless (it seems), and their form atrocious.

Wigan: The only team in the league with a worse goal difference than Bolton! We’ve also won one more game than them, believe it or not, and we have yet to play them at the ‘bok.

Wolves: They fight, have heart, look like they’re up for it… but they keep losing. Bolton should have taken more than a point from the game on New Year’s Eve, but that point kept Wolves in touch, and their defeat to Chelsea yesterday leaves the door open.

A passing mention for QPR, who are doing admirably well with their impression of a sinking pebble, but I suspect with the money they have available, January will give them ample opportunity to strengthen.

So there you have it. All is not lost – although it’s probably too late. The Everton game is another big one, but pull something out of the bag and – against all odds – the table might start to look a bit cheerier.

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