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23: The Bogcast!

by Geoff on February 10, 2012

Right then folks, time for another Podcast… or a ‘Bogcast’ if you will.

The one and only Wanderer Adam Bogdan features in this week’s ‘cast as we have an exclusive interview with the Rooney penalty saving ninja. Find out what he has to say about the media and ‘that’ freak goal by Tim Howard, his opinion on those oh so lovely bright keeper’s shirts and in advance of playing ‘The Pie’s’ whether he’s partial to eating up a pie.

We’ll also briefly look forward to the match against ‘The Pies’ in the hope we can eat them up on the pitch & take the 3 points (d’ya see what I did there?) We’ll skip nimbly through the Arsenal, Swansea & Norwich matches like Mark Davies through a Wigan defence (hopefully) and to make the Podcast a bit of a ‘Goalkeeper Special’ we also have a run down on our top 3 goalkeeping moments from Bolton Wanderers history.


The Men In White – 9th of February (23)

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