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Podcast 57: Leads! Leads! Leads at Leeds?

by Geoff on March 7, 2014

Podcast 57: Leads! Leads! Leads at Leeds?

Hello again wonderful listeners, readers & other such Podcast enjoyers. So we’ve had a bit of a ding-dong-do of results haven’t we? Yes, we’ve had leads in both our last 2 matches… and finished with them to take the points! Finally it’s a Happy New Year! Now it’s on to Leeds, and the question has to be: will we play 4-4-2?!

In this week’s Podcast we ponder that question and more, with:

  • The Quick-Fire Review: Covering the last few games, and THAT result against THOSE neighbours.
  • Stuff & News: Our new little name for a new roundup, covering… stuff and news.
  • TransferZone: All the goings on with player signings & loans. Ahem.
  • Know Your Enemy: As usual casting our eyes over our upcoming opponents, who this time are Leeds of course.
  • …plus the usual Wanderers natter.

We Are The One And Only Wanderers!

So clicky-click the link below to get listening, we hope you enjoy!

The Men In White – 6th of March 2014

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The Normid Nomad. March 24, 2014 at 5:24 pm

i was thinking about Dougie the other day and his quest to educate us all in the ways of Freedmanism. Despite all the evidence to the contrary his resoultion to force a 5man midfield down our throats whether we like it or not.

Later on Saturday (after the 2-2 with Yeovil) I had Absolute Radio on and The Pink Floyds came on with ‘The Wall Song’. As I was alone I started going….

We don’t need no Dougucation.
We don’t need no Freedcontrol.
No dark sarcasm in the papers.
Hey Dougie!
Leave that team alone.
All in all we threw away a lead at Millwall..

We don’t need no squad rotation.
We don’t want no nil-nil draws.
No one up front at home to Barnsley.
Hey Dougie!
Leave that team alone!

After all we’ve drew twice this year to Yeovil.

You could go on with ‘Dull Formations’ and other things but eventually you would have to come up with a rhyme for ‘brick’ (in the wall) and I can’t think of a clean one to say about Dougie.

I’m sure the Folking Marvins could do the Cockney accents justice but could they play the tune seeing as it’s not one of the Beatles?

Of course all this would be rendered meaningless should we win against Blackpool and climb to the dizzy heights of 15th or summat.

Anyway, that’s just about my working day done, so I’ll say.

Come on you Whites..


Geoff March 24, 2014 at 5:45 pm

:) Like it! We’ll definitely think about using that one Normid Nomad, and of course credit you with your lyrics if we do. There’s no doubt about it: he’s a tinkerer alright!

(…and yes ya cheeky get, we’ve been known to do non-Beatles ones! ;oP )


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