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25: It’s Now Or Never

by Geoff on March 9, 2012

As the great (in every sense of the word) Elvis Presley once sang: ‘It’s now or never, come hold me tight. Kiss me my darling, be mine tonight.’

Now, we’re not asking for any holding tight, or, for that matter, kissing. Lord knows that many of our beloved Bolton Wanderers players possess faces that only a mother could love. And even that’s a push.

However – focus on the ‘it’s now or never’ part, because if Bolton are going to survive this season, then they’d better start making a fist of it right about now, my funk soul brothers (and sisters). We have ’11 cup finals’ coming up, as our Quote of the Week will reveal!

In fact, today’s podcast is brimming and bountiful, bursting with Bolton-based brilliance (if we do say so ourselves). There are punchy reviews of our last two games (brief for a reason, as I’m sure you’ll appreciate – no need to dwell), more stats than you could shake a stat-stick at, and Folking Marvellous – who have clearly been at the happy pills again – delivering a pastiche of one of the greatest football songs ever.

Come in – have a listen. Make yourself at home.

The Men In White – 9th of March (25)

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