Thanks for visiting The Men In White. After years of great fun on the Podcast we decided to move on, and this site is now no longer maintained (though feel free to browse!) These days you can find at us our great new UK football website & podcast: Footballing Life so do drop in over there!

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World Cup Show 2: An Eagle Fighting A Snake?!

:)How great is this World Cup? I mean, yeah – so, England are out. But that was always going to happen. At least that’s done and dusted.But the rest of it is phenomenal! And we’re going to try and keep things going with our second World Cup Men In White podcast special. Before you point […]Read More »

World Cup Show 1: The Men in White go Brazilian!

:)World Cup is here! World Cup is here! You may not have noticed – there’s been barely anything in the newspapers – but the 2014 WORLD CUP IS HERE! Regular listeners know that the Men in White podcast is all about Bolton Wanderers, right? Wrong! We have set our sites on England, because there are […]Read More »

Podcast 60: That's All Folks

:)So this is it, the end of The Men In White as we know it…. we think….probably. We’ve had a great three seasons’ worth of Bolton Wanderers podcasting, and have enjoyed every minute. But the time has come to do our round up of the 2013/14 season in what is possibly our last podcast in […]Read More »

Podcast 59: Why Lancashire Beats Yorkshire

:)We all know that Lancashire, is wonderful. Oh Lancashire is wonderful. It’s been proved beyond doubt in the last couple of games, particularly when compared to Yorkshire, with Bolton recording a double-header of victories over opposition from t’other side of the Pennines. And do you ¬†know what? There’s another Lancashire-Yorkshire showdown on the way, as […]Read More »

Podcast 58: Hey! Dougie! Leave That Team Alone!

:)You may have noticed we’ve been away for a little while. Sorry about that! We tend to take our inspiration from what we see on the pitch and, despite an upturn in form from the mighty Wanderers, the performances have stuttered a little since the heady days of Blackburn and Leeds. Anyway – we are […]Read More »

Podcast 57: Leads! Leads! Leads at Leeds?

:)Hello again wonderful listeners, readers & other such Podcast enjoyers. So we’ve had a bit of a ding-dong-do of results haven’t we? Yes, we’ve had leads in both our last 2 matches… and finished with them to take the points! Finally it’s a Happy New Year! Now it’s on to Leeds, and the question has […]Read More »

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